Opportunity management

Opportunity tracking

Manage all opportunities within a single section in bpm’online real estate. Generate sales forecasts based on stage of a deal, probability, possible close date and expected commission.

Sales process automation

Use bpm’online real estate to easily manage the entire client journey through each step of the sales pipeline: from needs analysis to keys-in-hand.

  • Analyze client needs
  • Schedule showings and register feedback
  • Track offerings and counters
  • Close the deal

Boost the number of closed deals by accurately following the sales pipeline stages and registering results for each stage.

Opportunity history

Plan sales approach based on the results of previous work with an opportunity. For each opportunity regardless of its status the system enables to track complete history: activities, emails, quotes, feed discussions, files and notes.

Opportunity status monitoring

Bpm’online real estate helps you to keep track of opportunities at each stage of the sales pipeline. A set of emoticons is available for the agents to indicate their emotional state about an opportunity and estimate the probability of closing.

Sales pipeline

Analyze the conversion rate, the health of your pipeline and identify ‘bottlenecks’ using the sales pipeline tools. The pipeline visualizes conversion rate of opportunities as well as the percentage of deals at each stage. You can build and compare a pipeline for each individual agent, a group of agents or the company as a whole.

Sales analytics

Get comprehensive statistics on opportunities in bpm’online real estate. The system enables to track the number and total budget of the opportunities on different stages as well as the number of opportunities by agents. Segment closed deals by sources to analyze the efficiency of your business strategy.
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